Spirit of CPM
Our brand of PULO is same  pronunciation of PRO (普乐). In China, it means make everyone happy. And when in English, we expect we do the
professional products for all customers, make a proactive action to service every clients and let all know that her needs can be productive. So PRO is our
absolute spirit.
CPM can do the best cost for every products relying on her strict quality control system, experienced work team, excellent location and developed local
logistics network. Our aim is make all customer happy with our quality products and lower cost.
Quality Control
CP Mfg Ltd have established a strict quality management system conducted in material incoming,
processing, assembly, testing, packing and delivery. All our products passed RoHS compliant & CE
Certificate to satisfy with EU environmental regulations environmental regulations

100% Satisfication Guarantee
We are sure that you’ll be completely
satisfied with the quality of your orders. All
we ask is that you brief us fully and supply
correct requirements.
New Coming
We always have some new products or
some on a large quantity production, it will
not require MOQ at that time, You can find
these items here.
OEM Service
We have absolute capacity to OEM for your
brand. Non-Disclosure agreement for your
unique design